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Our constitution protects your right to speak your mind, but just because you "can say a thing" doesn't mean you "should say a thing".

If you get involved in a use of force incident, part of the investigation is going to focus on your intent.

Remember that sticker that says "Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot a 2nd time"?

Let's say you have that on your window, some one breaks in and you are forced to take their life.

You can be sure that the presence of the sticker will play into the investigation.

Does it show you might be "trigger happy"?

Does it show you might be prone to taking a shot AFTER the threat is eliminated?

The sticker, your t-shirts, social media, forum posting, and any other communications from you will be used to gauge the "type" of person you are and what your mind set might have been.

If you're going to possess a handgun, now is the time to go "sanitize" yourself and your communications.