You might think that how you choose to protect yourself is your business and should not be of a concern to anyone else.

If you choose to rely on a handgun for self defense then your choice really turns into everyones business (or so it seems).

Let's start with your personal sphere of influence (friends, family, co-workers, etc.)

Some of these people will support your decision and others couldn't care less. But there will be some percentage that believe your choice is wrong and may put you in an uncomfortable position.

They may cease to socialize with you, they may talk about you behind your back. If it's your employer, you might even find yourself unemployed.

Let's cover the political landscape.

Prior to acquiring a handgun, you may not have given the politics of gun control much thought. Maybe you did. But it didn't really matter since it didn't DIRECTLY impact you. It was just talk, laws and arguments about something that you didn't own.

But now that you own a handgun, the politics become very important to you.

You must look closely at another issue for each candidate because they may be willing to support legislation that would restrict (or out right prohibit) your ability to carry a handgun for protection outside of your home.

....and you thought all you were doing was trying to make yourself safer