One thing that seems to be true is that over time, society's view of certain things changes.

One of the more recent changes is the perception of Marijuana use.

It's been legal in Colorado for a long time when prescribed by a physician.

More recently, it's become legal for recreational use by the general public.

What hasn't changed is the legality of Marijuana use (or possession) under FEDERAL LAW.

If you indicate that you use Marijuana on a 4473 form, your firearms purchase will be denied.

If you indicate that you use Marijuana on a concealed handgun permit application, your application will be denied.

As a Marijuana user, you are considered a "prohibited person" under Federal Law. Not only can you not purchase firearms, neither can you posses or control them.

If you lie about your use on either of these forms, you could be charged and convicted of perjury.

The reality is that there is no drug testing involved with buying a firearm or getting a concealed handgun permit, so you'll have to let your conscious be your guide.

Being in a firearms related business means that we can't knowingly sell a firearm to a user of Marijuana. Doing so would be a violation of Federal law and we would be subject to sanction by the Federal government.

Neither can we train someone who is a Marijuana user on how to use a firearm. Doing so would mean that we would provide a prohibited person with a firearm (a violation of Federal law) during training.

Your use of Marijuana is none of our business, unless you make it obvious.

So, we ask that you not indulge before coming in and that you are free of the aroma.

If we suspect that you use it, we have to turn you away...and we'd really rather not do that.