A Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit authorizes the holder to carry a concealed handgun in all areas of the state (Colorado only) except those specified by state or federal law.

Case law defines a "concealed handgun" as:

"Applying the plain and ordinary meaning of the statutory language here, we conclude that "concealed" for purposes of section 18-12-105(1)(b) means placed out of sight so as not to be discernible or apparent by ordinary observation. To hold that a firearm that is discernible or apparent by ordinary observation is "concealed" would lead to absurd results. For example, defining "concealed" so broadly as to subsume a partially concealed but readily observable and identifiable weapon would render it unlawful to carry a holstered handgun —no matter how brazenly displayed—if any part of the gun was concealed by the holster".

It is specific to handguns only.

A Colorado permit is also recognized by the states listed here.

This site is a good (but not legally binding) summary of the state laws that pertain to firearms.

Before (and as) you travel, you need to check reciprocity to confirm that your permit is valid for each state you travel thru. Regardless of your permit status, your firearm and method of carry must be legal for each state in which you carry it during your travels.

If you are visiting Colorado please be aware that Colorado does not recognize permits issued to people who are not residents of the state which issued the permit.

As an example, if you are a California resident who has a non-resident permit issued by the state of Utah, that permit would not be valid in Colorado.