Our philosophy

Owning a handgun carries with it a huge responsibility. Mistakes or lapses in concentration/judgment can result property damage, injuries and even death. Those in turn can result in criminal prosecution and/or civil suits.

Because of this, all of our classes include handgun safety as part of the curriculum.

We firmly believe that if you can't safely handle a handgun then you shouldn't have access to one.

To that end, all of our courses are built around a mandatory foundation of basic handgun safety.

Our training is focused on self defense. Yes, we will teach you how to use a handgun safely, but that's only the beginning. Once you've gotten the fundamentals down then we can tailor future efforts around your personal needs.

Read the articles we have prepared and think about what you want from an instructor.

If you have been issued a permit under urgent/emergency conditions please contact us immediately. We can arrange for discrete safety and proficiency training on short notice (usually same day).

Class sizes

We prefer to limit our student count to two students per instructor (or up to four for in home training). This makes it possible to provide a great deal of personal attention to the students and enhances the learning experience.

We will gladly teach the class room portion of any class offering at your home. There are no travel charges within the metropolitan area. If the drive time (one way) is in excess of one hour, you might plan on an additional charge (amount varies based on final destination)

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