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So you've thought about it, perhaps you (or someone you know) as been victimized and you want to be prepared should something happen in the future.

So what's next?

The process is pretty simple (assuming you meet the criteria).

  1. Get training from a certified instructor
  2. Obtain the permit application from your county sheriff
  3. Fill it out, submit it (along with payment) and wait

If you pass the background check and the sheriff can find no other reason to deny you a permit, one will be issued.

Once you have it in your possession, you may immediately began carrying a concealed handgun.

But before you do, let's cover a few things.

1st, now that you have a handgun on your person, you are now subject to a large set of state and federal laws (some of which conflict) and violating any of them could cost you your permit, your right to possess a firearm, and send you to jail. This is SERIOUS business.

2nd, you need to understand the laws that pertain to self defense, deadly force and menacing. A set of laws, that should you violate one of them, could have dire consequences. This is SERIOUS business.

3rd, you're in possession of a handgun and the act of carrying it implies an intent to use it to protect yourself (or others) in accordance with the law. Read between the lines here. If the situation warrants, you may be forced to take the life of another person. If you can't do that then DO NOT carry a handgun. If you carry one and hesitate, it could cost you YOUR life. If you use it and make a mistake, it could cost you your life or your freedom and destroy you (and your family) financially. Again, this is SERIOUS business.

4th, you must commit yourself to an on-going training effort. Your ability to hit what you shoot at, 100% of the time, is critical. Your ability to hit it while you and/or it are moving is important. Going to the range, standing still and shooting at a stationary target isn't going to prepare you fully. Bad guys don't stand still and targets don't shoot back.

5th, your lifestyle will change. A permit is not a license to go hunting bad guys. Quite the opposite, you will want to use EVERY tool in your tool box before you draw your gun. Be aware of your surroundings, don't go places where you might be at risk. The hand gun is the choice of last resort!!!