You've decided to carry a handgun, but how do you decide which one is the best choice? What is the best way to carry it?

We'll cover some of options as well as the pros and cons.

First let's talk ammunition capacity. 

There's no such thing as too much because if you run out you better be able to take out the bad guy by throwing your handgun at him.

Running out of ammunition can result in a condition known as death. Something most of us want to avoid.

What's a realistic capacity number? 

Let's say your opponent isn't too concerned about concealing his handgun so he has 17 in the magazine and one in the chamber. 

How many times will you have to reload your gun if it has only a 7 round capacity? At least twice and each time you stop is an opportunity for him to gain an advantage. 

Keep this in mind while we cover the other topics. 

As the seasons change, your clothing selection changes. As it warms up, clothing gets lighter and more conforming to our physique. This makes it more difficult to conceal a handgun.

We wind up having to choose what comes first. Choose a handgun that fits the clothing or choose clothing that fits the handgun?

If you place your safety first, then the handgun choice comes first and everything else adapts to follow. This, however, is really a personal choice but we want to fully understand the consequences of our choices.

If we choose maximum ammunition capacity then we're looking at a full size pistol. This is harder to conceal (wider at the back, longer in the barrel). It's not impossible, it just requires more attention to clothing and carry method choices.

If we choose the maximum potential for concealment then we have to sacrifice ammunition capacity which means the potential for having to reload during a confrontation.

If we can find a happy medium, we're still going to compromise our ability keep shooting without reloading for as long as possible.

Ultimately it becomes a personal choice, but our suggestion would be "more is better".

Once you've chosen your handgun (and maybe as part of the decision) you then have to decide on how you're going to carry it.

On your hip, in a fanny pack, in a pocket, under a shirt, stuffed in an under garment or in one of many other options.

The choice on how to carry should be based on concealment followed by how quickly you can get to your handgun if you need to.

Regardless of your carry method, you must practice accessing your hand gun just as much as you practice shooting it. If your shooting range permits, combine all of the movements with your actual live fire practice.

What about a Bug? What's a Bug?

The Back Up Gun and why it might be part of your plan.

A backup gun is a solution to a problem that is potentially fatal. If for some reason, your primary handgun is no longer operational or if you have been disarmed, you may still come out on top if you have a backup gun, can get to it and fire it.

Some people will carry them around the ankle. Not a great location if you are struggling with the bad guy. We suggest a location that works well regardless of which hand is used to draw it.

Like everything else, your choice to carry a backup is another set of choices and compromises.

Our suggestion is that it is better to have one than to be in a position of really wanting one at the worst possible time.