How we train you

Traditional firearms training often consists of just a verbal presentation. Ideally it would also include live fire training at a gun range.

While there is nothing wrong with this methodology, we believe it doesn't provide the student with a well rounded learning experience.

At Personal Protection Solutions we supplement this traditional style of education with some of the latest firearms training technology currently available as well as an interactive curriculum (including topically pertinent role playing).

Modern technology allows the student to quickly gain confidence in:

  • Practicing the basic tenets of firearms safety
  • Rendering a handgun safe
  • Safely loading and unloading a hand gun
  • The proper physical mechanics to fire a handgun accurately

Gaining confidence in all of these things means that when we go to the range for actual live fire practice, the student already has a solid foundation in safety and the basics of using a handgun.

We firmly believe that this technology provides one of the best training values for the dollar.

We focus strictly on the use of modern semi-automatic pistols and revolvers for defensive purposes.

Where we train you

We often find that students do better when learning in a familiar environment. This is why we will gladly teach you in your home.

Teaching in your home allows us to tailor some of the training to your specific needs while letting you learn in a more informal environment.

Our use of modern technology allows us to teach you in the comfort of your own home or any other place of your choosing. The only thing we can't do is the actual live fire course. Live fire, obviously, cannot be done in your home. We schedule that at one of the local gun ranges that we contract with.

Just because it's a less formal environment doesn't mean that we cut corners on the subject matter. You get the same level of training as you would in a formal class room.

Class sizes

In order to provide the best training experience, we like to limit our class sizes to no more than six students. We can accommodate larger groups if needed.

Who can we train

We will train anyone in the class room setting, who can legally possess a handgun. When it comes to live fire training we are sometimes constrained by the policies of the firing ranges we contract with. We'll gladly discuss these constraints with you when we schedule your live fire training.