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Marijuana Use

One thing that seems to be true is that over time, society's view of certain things changes.

One of the more recent changes is the perception of Marijuana use.

It's been legal in Colorado for a long time when prescribed by a physician.

More recently, it's become legal for recreational use by the general public.

What hasn't changed is the legality of Marijuana use (or possession) under FEDERAL LAW.

If you indicate that you use Marijuana on a 4473 form, your firearms purchase will be denied.

If you indicate that you use Marijuana on a concealed handgun permit application, your application will be denied.

As a Marijuana user, you are considered a "prohibited person" under Federal Law. Not only can you not purchase firearms, neither can you posses or control them.

If you lie about your use on either of these forms, you could be charged and convicted of perjury.

The reality is that there is no drug testing involved with buying a firearm or getting a concealed handgun permit, so you'll have to let your conscious be your guide.

Being in a firearms related business means that we can't knowingly sell a firearm to a user of Marijuana. Doing so would be a violation of Federal law and we would be subject to sanction by the Federal government.

Neither can we train someone who is a Marijuana user on how to use a firearm. Doing so would mean that we would provide a prohibited person with a firearm (a violation of Federal law) during training.

Your use of Marijuana is none of our business, unless you make it obvious.

So, we ask that you not indulge before coming in and that you are free of the aroma.

If we suspect that you use it, we have to turn you away...and we'd really rather not do that.

A Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit authorizes the holder to carry a concealed handgun in all areas of the state (Colorado only) except those specified by state or federal law.

Case law defines a "concealed handgun" as:

"Applying the plain and ordinary meaning of the statutory language here, we conclude that "concealed" for purposes of section 18-12-105(1)(b) means placed out of sight so as not to be discernible or apparent by ordinary observation. To hold that a firearm that is discernible or apparent by ordinary observation is "concealed" would lead to absurd results. For example, defining "concealed" so broadly as to subsume a partially concealed but readily observable and identifiable weapon would render it unlawful to carry a holstered handgun —no matter how brazenly displayed—if any part of the gun was concealed by the holster".

It is specific to handguns only.

A Colorado permit is also recognized by the states listed here.

This site is a good (but not legally binding) summary of the state laws that pertain to firearms.

Before (and as) you travel, you need to check reciprocity to confirm that your permit is valid for each state you travel thru. Regardless of your permit status, your firearm and method of carry must be legal for each state in which you carry it during your travels.

If you are visiting Colorado please be aware that Colorado does not recognize permits issued to people who are not residents of the state which issued the permit.

As an example, if you are a California resident who has a non-resident permit issued by the state of Utah, that permit would not be valid in Colorado.

So, just what is a Multi-State Concealed Carry Permit?

It's a permit recognized by multiple states.

Pretty simple concept.

But wait, aren't all permits recognized by multiple states?

The short answer is no.

There a two forms of recognition. One with reciprocity and one without.

Reciprocity is a formal agreement between the issuing state and another state. It is a formal written agreement to recognize each other's permits.

Recognition without reciprocity is just that. No formal agreement exists and either party can stop recognition at any time and without prior notice. 

So, what does this have to do with the multi-state permit?

Some states refuse to recognize permits from any other states. As a result few (If any) other states recognize their permits. This makes it difficult for their residents to legally carry in other states. 

Some other states, such as Utah, offer permits to residents of other states. These are referred to as non-resident permits.

So if you live in a state whose permits are not recognized in places you wish to travel, you my be able to find a non-resident permit that covers those areas.

Handgunlaw.us is a great summary resource for this type of information. 

If you are a Colorado resident with a Colorado permit, obtaining a Utah non-resident permit will allow you to carry in two states (Nevada and Washington) the don't recognize the Colorado permit.

So let's get this straight. Neither of these two states recognize the Colorado permit, but a person with a Colorado permit can obtain a Utah permit which is recognized by those two states. The icing on the cake... Colorado doesn't recognize non-resident permits issued by any state. 

We offer the certification needed to allow you to obtain a Utah non-resident permit. You can obtain this certification regardless of your Colorado residency status.

Our Basic Handgun Training class meets the requirements for both the Colorado Concealed Handgun permit and the Utah Non-Resident Concealed Handgun permit.

You found a great deal on a firearm but the seller can only ship to an FFL.

Not to worry, we can help you with that as well.

  • You contact us and we do the rest :)
  • When the fire arm arrives we will contact you to schedule delivery
  • You arrive at the agreed upon time and pay the transfer fee ($25 cash, $25 credit card...no checks)
  • You fill out the computerized 4473
    • Make sure you understand the residency and identification requirements
    • Active duty military with PCS orders for a Colorado duty station are welcome here
  • We submit the information to the CBI
  • If the CBI approves the transfer we will record it,  and you can be on your way.
  • If the CBI denies the transfer
    • We can discuss your options but none of them allow you to leave with the firearm!!!!!