In the state of Colorado, no one may transfer possession of a firearm to another person (FFL holders excluded) without the receiving party filling out a 4473 and being subjected to a background check by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. There are some exceptions, but most people do not qualify for them.

We can gladly provide the transfer service for a flat rate of $16 cash (exact change required) or credit card, but no checks.

The process is very simple. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps.

  • Agree on a price with the buyer, but DO NOT accept payment!!!!
  • Contact us to arrange for a transfer
  • You, the buyer and the firearm arrive at the appointed time
    • The firearm(s) to be transferred must be UNLOADED and in a case or other container.
      • Firearms not arriving in this manner will NOT be transferred!!!
      • No ammunition may be in the case or other container!!!
      • No exceptions!!!
  • One of you pays the non-refundable transfer fee.
  • The buyer fills out the computerized 4473
    • Make sure you understand the residency and identification requirements
    • Active duty military with PCS orders for a Colorado duty station are welcome here
  • We submit the information to the CBI
  • If the CBI approves the transfer we will record it,  you accept payment from the buyer and the two of you can be on your way.
  • If the CBI denies the transfer
    • You have to find a different buyer (for now)
    • The buyer can appeal the denial to the CBI (they do not tell us why it is being denied)
    • If your buyer is wanted by law enforcement, the CBI will contact local law enforcement and they may come pick him (or her up)!!!!!